Beam on, off it goes.


Portable Constancy Check Device

Key Features

  • Suitable for all LINACs including FFF
  • Standalone, truly wireless operation
  • Fully automatic workflow using predefined worklists
  • Integrated auto functions (start, stop, stand-by, shutdown, calendar)
  • Immediate display of measurement results via large,  full-color display and LED status indicators
  • Gold standard ionization chamber technology
  • Password-protected access

Application Highlights

  • Constancy check of all essential beam parameters in one go and at any gantry angle
  • Built-in beam energy check
  • Field sizes 10 x 10 and 20 x 20 cm²
  • Automatic air density correction
  • All major dosimetry protocols included
  • Vendor-specific gantry mounts for rotational testing optionally available

Powerful Options

The next generation daily LINAC QA tool

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Truly wireless, PC-free measurement device with all functionalties built right in for easy operation & convenience.
Immediate, real-time feedback on measurement results via large TFT display with LED status indicators.
QUICKCHECK webline with FFF compensator
Self-contained & battery-operated: Ready for use at different locations and with an unlimited number of treatment machines
Fully automatic, trigger-controlled workflow based on user-defined worklists. Once set up, immediately ready for everyday use!
QUICKCHECK software: Detailed trend analysis, neatly arranged on one screen.
Supported QA Procedures
  • X-ray output constancy
  • Electron output constancy
  • Photon beam profile constancy
  • Electron beam profile constancy
  • Electron beam energy constancy

Clinical Reference