Faster. Easier. Safer.

Why QUICKCHECKwebline is
just the right QA tool for you.

1. Gets you started quickly

Forget tedious installation procedures and long training times. QUICKCHECKwebline is a cable-free, truly wireless system, with all required essentials built right in for easy operation and convenience. After an initial set-up, it is ready for everyday use. Set one time, use day after day.

2. Saves you time on routine tasks

With its fully automatic workflow and its standalone, PC-free operation, QUICKCHECKwebline makes it faster and easier, even for occasional users, to complete their routine tasks. No extra time is required to set up the system. Your "morning warm-up" team will love it.

3. Supports your clinical workflow

Measure now, retrieve and analyse at your own convenience. As a standalone device, QUICKCHECKwebline stores all data collected in its internal memory for later review and documentation purposes. Reports can be saved as a PDF file for easy archiving and distribution within your clinical network.

4. Makes routine tasks safer

Its automated workflow, integrated password protection and self-diagnostic tools help to eliminate operator errors as they may occur in the "heat of battle". QUICKCHECKwebline simply gives you the peace of mind that all tests are thoroughly performed - just as required!


Too good to be missed!


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