Standard Package includes:

  • QUICKCHECKwebline standalone daily LINAC check device with enhanced network capability

  • External power supply and connection cables

  • Battery packs

  • QUICKCHECK software with trend analysis

Optional Accessories:

  • FFF Compensator NEW
    For use with flattening filter free LINACs (FFF). By using a QUICKCHECK FFF Compensator, all QC measurements can be performed as usual. The compensator can easily be used by placing it on top of the QUICKCHECK webline device.
    X06 FFF Compensator: T42031.1.310
    X10 FFF Compensator: T42031.1.320

  • Functionally designed docking station for convenient storage and recharging of your QUICKCHECKwebline

  • Gantry mounts for beam checks at various gantry angles
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Vendor-specific gantry mounts optionally available
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Optional docking station with battery charger and communication interfaces