Absolute Dosimetry, Dosimetry Phantoms

MP1 Phantom Tank

1D water phantom for absolute dosimetry and measurement of depth dose curves

Acrylic and RW3 Slab Phantoms

Acrylic and water-equivalent RW3 slab phantoms with chamber adaptation plates for therapy dosimetry

Soft X-Ray Slab Phantom

Small size acrylic slab phantom for soft X-ray dosimetry with soft X-ray chambers

ICRU Acrylic Calibration Phantom

Acrylic block phantom according to ICRU 231, suitable for tip-to-tip calibrations of therapy chambers

ESTRO Mini-Phantoms

Acrylic phantoms for "in air" measurements acc. ESTRO recommendation

Brass Mini Phantoms

Brass phantoms for "in air" measurements

Stationary Water Phantom

Completely closed stationary water phantom for high energy photon dosimetry with PTW Farmer chambers

Open Water Tanks

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