THE DOSIMETRY SCHOOL - New Course Dates for 2016

THE DOSIMETRY SCHOOL is happy to announce the first course dates for 2016:

Absolutdosimetrie (Deutsch): 10 - 11 Jun 2016

IMRT / IMAT-QA (English): 23 - 24 Sep 2016

Relative Dosimetry (English): 20 - 22 Jun 2016 and 24 - 26 Oct 2016


The IMRT/IMAT-QA course covers all aspects of patient- and machine-specific IMRT QA, with the focus on practical training. It provides a thorough introduction to PTW detectors and QA systems recommended for standard and rotational  IMRT QA and includes both theory and hands-on training sessions to practise the accurate use of quality control equipment by PTW.
The course is therefore very well suited for clinical scientists and technologists who use PTW detectors for IMRT QA and wish to train in the use of their equipment in clinical practice.


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THE DOSIMETRY SCHOOL is an education initiative offered by PTW to enhance the understanding and practice of clinical dosimetry through a series of seminars, workshops and trainings. True to its motto "Sharing knowledge, inspiring practice", it provides an ideal platform where medical radiation experts are invited to share knowledge and experience, discuss topics of interest and engage in professional networking.


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