Always One Step Ahead


Closing the Gap in IMRT QA

Key Features

  • The first clinically established system worldwide to cover the complete IMRT verification chain - from pre-treatment QA to real-time treatment verification during each treatment fraction
  • Continuous monitoring of dose delivery and MLC accuracy over entire treatment course
  • Independent measurements, acquired and transmitted in real time
  • Customizable levels of alarm priority (audible/visual)
  • In vivo measurements not limited to single points
  • Wireless operation and data transfer via Bluetooth during treatment verification
  • Ready for operation in a few minutes (no cables, no detector placement on the patient)
  • Suitable for conformal and dynamic IMRT delivery techniques (RapidArc®, VMAT, IMAT)

Application Highlights

  • Immediate detection of errors or malfunctions (e.g. lost MLC positions) that may arise in the course of treatment
  • Pre-treatment QA based on independent phantom measurements with OCTAVIUS II or optional DIAMOND secondary check software
  • Each radiotherapy fraction completely documented without additional workload

Image Gallery

Clinical Reference

Two Years of Clinical Experience with DAVID: A Translucent Multi-Wire Detector for
On-Line Verification of Patient Treatments
(214 KB)


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