All parameters in one go.


Patient and LINAC QA with one single detector

Key Features
  • Efficient QA data management and reporting with Track-it
  • Complete package for routine LINAC QA in combination with an OCTAVIUS detector and MultiCheck LINAC QA software
  • Fast, efficient check of beam profile and output constancy in one single shot
  • Real-time measurement and display of beam profiles during gantry rotation using OCTAVIUS 4D - no gantry mounts or additional hardware needed
  • FFF analysis
  • Record and playback function to quickly assess LINAC startup behaviour
  • Trend display

Available for:

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Supported QA Procedures:
  • X-ray output constancy
  • Electron output constancy
  • Photon beam profile constancy
  • Electron beam profile constancy
  • Electron beam energy constancy
  • X-ray output constancy vs gantry angle
  • Electron output constancy vs gantry angle
  • Electron and x-ray OAF constancy vs gantry angle
  • Check of wedge angle for 60°
  • Segmental IMRT (step and shoot) test 1)
  • Moving Window IMRT (four cardinal gantry angles) 1)
Track. Trend. Document.

Streamline your QA data management with Track-it.

1) in combination with OCTAVIUS® 4D Rotating Phantom

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