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Secondary Check Software 
for Independent Patient Plan Verification

As a clinically established secondary check software that allows independent point dose verification calculations for a wide range of treatrment plans, DIAMOND® offers a perfect addition to PTW OCTAVIUS systems in clinical routine cases.

Key Features

  • Independent patient plan verification in three simple steps - no LINAC time required
  • Dose comparison at one or multiple points
  • Wide range of basic and advanced calculation tools  for plan analysis, e.g., VMAT calculation, DTA analysis, fluence/dose mapping, wedge and electron support, corrections of "flash" and air in breast treatments
  • Unique ROI option for inhomogeneity corrections
  • FFF support
  • Optimized dose calculation algorithm  - full transparency, no "black" box
  • Ideal for use in combination with OCTAVIUS systems to simplify dose verification of routine plans
  • Free 90-day test version
  • FDA approved, CE certified

Multiple Treatment Techniques

  • VMAT
  • IMRT step & shoot
  • IMRT sliding window
  • 2D & 3D conventional techniques


  • Option VMAT & ROI for DIAMOND
  • Option Electron Calculations after MD Anderson
  • Software Maintenance Contract
  • On-site Installation Service and Product Training  

Complementary Products

  • OCTAVIUS® Systems
    Turnkey solutions for dose verification of complex plans based on phantom measurements
  • ESTRO and/or Brass Mini Phantoms
    Direct measurement of in-air output ratio (Sc)

Image Gallery

Patient Import
DTA analysis
Advanced Fluence Map
Advanced Correction flash breast
DIAMOND electron calculations
DIAMOND machine data
DIAMOND machine data
Basic graphical entry blocks