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The "Versatile One" for Multiple Applications

Key Features

  • Industry-leading water scanning system with 50 cm x 50 cm scanning range, suitable for field sizes up to 40 cm x 40 cm
  • Complete, fully equipped package - ready for installation
  • All-in-one solution - quick to set up for measurement
  • Outstanding precision and long-term stability
  • Detector positioning accuracy true to 0.1 mm
  • Patented TRUFIX system for quick axial and radial detector setup
  • Multiple predefined RTPS task lists for fast, comfortable TPS beam data acquisition with MEPHYSTO mc² software

    Application Highlights

    • LINAC QA according to AAPM TG-142 requirements
    • Accurate, long-term reliable field measurements in vertical, horizontal and arbitrary planes
    • Consistent detector orientation for all scans, including off-axis scans
    • Fast beam profile measurements (1 s per profile)
    • Wide range of measurement and analysis options:TPR/TMR, dynamic fields/wedges, film dosimetry, MLC QA
    • Great selection of Gold Standard, application-specific detectors for absolute and relative dosimetry
    • Absolute dose measurements according to international protocols

      PTW Water Scanning Systems


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      MP3-M: 3D water phantom, suitable for many applications, with superior mechanics and reinforced tank walls for long-term reliable operation
      Stable, easily manoevrable lift table with built-in water reservoir for quick and convenient setup
      Calibration-free stepper motor drives for utmost precision
      Unique, patented TRUFIX detector positioning system
      Largest variety of application-specific detectors
      Absolute dose measurements with state-of-the-art TANDEM field class electrometer
      Optional LA48 ion chamber array for dynamic field dosimetry and fast profile measurements
      Optional TPR/TMR measurements
      Versatile MEPHYSTO mc2 software suite with intuitive Navigator user interface
      MEPHYSTO mc2: Multiple-queue drag & drop task lists for fast and easy beam data acquisition
      MEPHYSTO mc2: Sophisticated analysis based on international or vendor-specific dosimetry protocols
      MEPHYSTO mc2: Powerful visualization tools

      What Users Say

      "We have used the PTW water phantom and MEPHYSTO software regularly for the past 8 years. The system is easy to set up, easy to use and is mechanically constant. Over these years, the mechanical reproducibility has been superb. You can be confident that the last scan after 3-4 days of scanning is as accurately positioned as the first scan and that the data collected from the last scan is as accurate as that from the first scan."

      David Judd, Ph.D.
      NW Medical Physics Center,
      Selah, WA, USA

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