MP3-M Water Scanning System - Included Components:

  • MP3-M Water Tank
    Medium-size, remote-controlled 3D acrylic water tank with
    20 mm thick walls and a scanning range of 50 x 50 x 40.8 cm│.  Comes complete with rotable positioning device and a 3D stainless steel moving mechanism driven by three calibration-free, high-speed stepper motors.
  • TBA Control Unit
    Electronic device for an automatic control of the detector position in PTW water phantoms via RS232 interface.
  • TBA Control Pendant
    Removable control pendant with TFT display and menu-controlled interface for a manual control of the water tank moving mechanism. Can be connected to TBA Control Unit or water tank.  
    Specially designed, high-precision electro-mechanical lift table/carriage on wheels, with 500 mm range of movement to allow for height adjustment of the MP3-M water tank. Includes 190 l water reservoir with PC-controlled pump for TPR measurements.
  • TRUFIX® Detector Positioning System
    Unique, patented detector positioning system to quickly install PTW ionization chambers and solid state detectors in PTW water phantoms and to exactly position their effective point of measurement to the water surface. Basic set includes holders for Semiflex ion chambers (0.125 cm│, 0.3 cm│), PinPoint 3D chamber (radial irradiation), Advanced Markus and Markus electron chambers. Other holders optionally available. Details >>
  • TANDEM Dual-Channel Electrometer
    Dual-channel field class electrometer (IEC 60731, resolution 10 fA) with user-selectable measurement times, designed for fast and precise beam data acquisition in PTW water phantoms (time constant 10 ms) and absolute dose measurements. Suitable for use with ionization chambers as well as solid state detectors. Details >>
  • Semiflex 0.125 cm│ Ionization Chambers
    Waterproof, air-vented cylindrical ionization chamber with a sensitive volume of 0.125 cm│, suitable for use in PTW water phantom systems and for absolute dosimetry.
  • MEPHYSTO Software Suite
    Modular, workflow-oriented software platform for comprehensive beam data acquisition and analysis using a PTW water phantom system. Includes intuitive Navigator user interface, Planning Module option for RTPS and Absolute Dosimetry option for absolute dosimetry measurements with the TANDEM electrometer or other PTW electrometers.

Optional Accessories:

  • Recommended Detectors for CyberKnife Applications

    PinPoint 3D Ionization Chamber, 0.016 cm│, waterproof
    Waterproof, ultra small-sized therapy chamber with 3D characteristics for dosimetry in high-energy beams. Particularly suitable for dose measurements in small fields as required in IMRT, IORT and stereotactic applications. Chamber holders optionally available. Details >>

    Farmer Type Ionization Chamber, 0.6 cm│, waterproof

    Waterproof, air vented cylindrical ionization chamber with
    a sensitive volume of 0.6 cm│ for absolute dosimetry in high-energy photon, electron and proton beams. Chamber holders optionally available. Details >>

    Dosimetry Diode E, 0.03 mm│, waterproof
    Waterproof, p-type silicon detector with excellent spatial resolution and a sensitive volume of 0.03 mm│ for dose measurements in all electron and small photon fields as required in IMRT, IORT and stereotactic applications. Chamber holders optionally available. Details >>
  • TRUFIX® Holder for TLD Dosemeter
    Mounting device for TLD dosimeters. The effective point of measurement is assumed at the surface of the solid state detector. Requires respective TLD container (front version).

  • TRUFIX® Holder for Absolute Dosimetry
    Holding device to mount two different detectors next
    to each other. The effective points of measurements of both detectors are thus positioned at the same water depth. Requires TRUFIX holders of the respective detectors.

  • Cable Installation Set "Treatment Room"
    RS232 firm cable installation for a remote PC control of the TBA Control Unit and TANDEM electrometer which are installed in the treatment room.

  • Cable Installation Set "Control Room"
    Firm cable installation of dosimetry connection cables between treatment room and control room to facilitate routine operation. TBA Control Unit and TANDEM electrometer are installed in the control room. Different cable lengths available. Requires C-boxes for wall mounting.

  • Computer Table/Trolley
    Compact computer workstation on wheels with adjustable shelves to accommodate PC equipment and/or TBA electronics.

  • Barometer and Thermometer
    Precise air pressure and temperature measurement instruments for air density correction of ion chamber readings. Useful accessory for absolute dosimetry measurements.
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MP3-M Accessories Gallery

MP3-M 3D Water Tank
TBA Control Unit & Pendant with TANDEM Electrometer
SCANLIFT Lift Table/Carriage with rotable positioning device and integrated water reservoir
TRUFIX Detector Positioning System with inserted chambers
Semiflex Ionization Chamber 0.125 cm│ for field and reference measurements
MEPHYSTO mc▓ Software with Navigator interface
Optional Computer Workstation/Table
Optional Barometer and Thermometer

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