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NOMEX® Multimeter

For Acceptance Testing and Routine Quality Control Measurements on Diagnostic X-ray Units

Key Features

  • True Precision: Dose accuracy within the RAD/FLU range typically ± 1.5%, within the MAM range ± 2.5% and kV accuracy within the RAD/FLU range typically ± 0.75% or ± 0.5 kV
  • Angular independent for positioning within the beam
  • Ergonomic housing avoids shifting after positioning
  • Automatic start/stop and auto reset functions
  • Automatic dose and kV ranging avoids double exposures
  • Automatic total filtration compensation up to 40 mm Al
  • Automatic HVL detection for all applications including mammography

NOMEX Multimeter

  • Miniaturized multi-parameter measuring device compliant with IEC 61674
  • Has passed the Type Approval Under German Law as a diagnostic dosemeter by the German National Metrology Institute, PTB
  • For measurements in RAD/FLU, DENT, CT, MAM (incl. Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, W/Al, W/Rh, W/Ag, Rh/Rh)
  • Connection of the CE marked class IIb certified multimeter to a PC via USB
  • Single exposure simultaneously captures: dose, dose rate, dose per pulse, pulses, frequency, irradiation time, tube voltage (kVpmax, kVpmean, PPV) , total filtration, half value layer, together with waveforms for both kV and dose rate and optionally the mAs (invasively or non-invasively)
  • Practical peak voltage (PPV) calculation according to the algorithm of IEC 61676

NOMEX® Software

  • Modifiable parameter displaying (view all parameters at a glance or just selected ones)
  • Statistic calculations (mean value, standard deviation, coefficient of variation) by simply marking the results of interest
  • Adjustable timer functions (start or stop delays) and waveform sampling up to 60 seconds
  • Data and waveform export as XML, XLS or CSV file for subsequent data processing in Excel
  • Software menu available in different languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese)

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NOMEX Multimeter and NOMEX mAs
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