4D in Motion

Why OCTAVIUS®  4D is simply
your best choice for 4D IMRT QA

1. Always top-notch technology

PTW is a pioneer in dosimetry, known to spur innovations that later become an industry standard. With the rotating OCTAVIUS 4D, PTW now takes you to a new dimension in patient plan QA: OCTAVIUS 4D is the first and only 4D dose verification system which allows to measure the dose inside the entire phantom volume, always perpendicular to the beam.

2. Thoroughly versatile

OCTAVIUS 4D is a turnkey solution for 4D dosimetry, providing you with all you need to verify IMRT, IMAT or SRS/SBRT treatment plans, including powerful 3D dose comparison and evaluation tools. A straightforward solution, with no hidden costs, no buts, no ifs. Combined with DAVID, a unique system for real-time dose verification during patient treatment, OCTAVIUS 4D offers you the most advanced and complete solution for IMRT QA, comprising pre-treatment and dose delivery QA. 

3. Your budget's best friend

OCTAVIUS 4D is a modular system. It supports a variety of other PTW flat-panel detector arrays for patient plan  verification, including the widely used 2D-ARRAY seven29 and the trendsetting OCTAVIUS Detector 1000 SRS for SRS/SBRT plan verification, which can be conveniently upgraded to 4D dosimetry. Your budget will love it!

4. Efficiency to make your live easier

Nice design is not enough. With OCTAVIUS systems, you can forget about time-consuming commissioning and frequent calibration procedures! Based on an innovative product concept and long-term stable ionization chamber technology, OCTAVIUS 4D is ready for everyday use after installation. One less thing for you to worry about!

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4D Patient Plan Verification