Included Components:

  • OCTAVIUS® 4D Phantom
    Motorized modular phantom specially designed for rotational delivery techniques. Includes control unit and wireless inclinometer as specified below.

    OCTAVIUS 4D includes either of the following tops:

    Standard Top (T40063.1.004)

    SRS Top (T40063.1.002)

    LINAC QA Top (T40063.1.003)

  • OCTAVIUS® Detector
    OCTAVIUS 4D includes either of the following high-resolution ionization chamber arrays:  

    OCTAVIUS Detector 1500 with 1405 vented ionization chambers, package OCTAVIUS 4D 1500
    (Part No. L981438);  

    OCTAVIUS Detector 1000 SRS with 977 liquid-filled ionization chambers, package OCTAVIUS 4D 1000 SRS
    (Part No. L981429);  

    OCTAVIUS Detector 729 with 729 vented ionization chambers, package OCTAVIUS 4D 729
    (Part No. L981398)

    Each array includes detector interface for power supply and data transfer.

  • Wireless Inclinometer
    Device to measure the gantry angle. Allows dose measurements as a function of time or gantry angle.

  • VeriSoft Patient Plan Verification Software
    Intuitive, workflow-oriented software platform for patient plan verification with PTW OCTAVIUS systems. Offers advanced tools for visual and quantitative dose comparison and evaluation, including 3D volume analysis, patient CT overlay and independent DVH analysis.
  • OCTAVIUS® 4D Trolley
    Robust, functionally designed trolley on wheels which stores all equipment and allows to conveniently position the OCTAVIUS 4D system onto the patient couch, making daily setup as comfortable and easy as possible.
    Dimensions (WDH): 60 x 64 x 93.6 cm, weight: 35.5 kg

Optional Accessories:

  • Phantom Chamber Plates Semiflex / Farmer/ PinPoint 3D
    Insert plates for OCTAVIUS 4D phantom to allow cross calibration of a detector array against a Semiflex3D (31021), Semiflex 0.125 cm³ (T 40056.1.002) or Farmer (T40056.1.003) or PinPoint 3D (T40056.1.006) ionization chamber
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