How OCTAVIUS® 4D works

Four simple steps is all it takes.

QA Device Setup

OCTAVIUS 4D system is set up on patient couch. Inclinometer is attached to vertical part of gantry (see Fig. 1 in image gallery).


Measurement is started in VeriSoft.
Reading the inclinometer's output, the OCTAVIUS 4D system rotates synchronously with the gantry. The OCTAVIUS detector measures a dose plane for each gantry angle, thereby always remaining perpendicular to the incident beam (see Fig. 2 in image gallery)


The measured dose plane for each gantry angle is used to determine the dose values along the source-detector rays based on a sophisticated, clinically validated algorithm using PDD curves. All dose points measured are finally added up, obtaining a 3D dose volume with a user-selectable resolution of typically 2 mm (see Fig. 3 in image gallery; red: measured dose plane, blue: calculated values)   


Calculated DICOM RT dose cube from TPS is imported into VeriSoft.
The measured doses are compared against the calculated TPS doses, using the powerful 3D dose analysis tools of VeriSoft
(see Fig. 4 in image gallery).

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OCTAVIUS® 4D Step-by-Step

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