Measurements inside the entire phantom volume

OCTAVIUS® 4D always measures the dose in the isocenter. It rotates synchronously with the gantry, covering the complete volume of the phantom, including the important target volume around the isocenter.

As the OCTAVIUS detector performs up to five measurements per second for each of its 729 detectors, it allows to acquire far more measurement points than similar dose verification systems, e.g. up to 200.000 measurement points for a typical RapidArc® plan with a single 360 rotation at a speed of 6 per second.


Fig. 1: Measurerments inside the entire phantom volume
Simplified illustration showing measurement positions (blue) obtained with OCTAVIUS 4D (right) compared to other dosimetry systems which measure either outside the target volume in the low dose area (left) or far fewer measurement planes (center).