VeriSoft® Patient Plan Verification Software

The answer is just a few mouse clicks away.

As an easy-to-use, yet powerful software platform for IMRT patient plan verification with PTW systems, VeriSoft provides you with a wide range of standard and advanced tools for dose comparison - from basic visual comparison to detailed quantitative evaluation. Smart visualization tools like multiple dose display options, 2D/3D graphs, zoom functions and slice sliders help you explore and analyze your measured data more efficiently.

VeriSoft comes complete with the intuitive MEPHYSTO NAVIGATOR  interface which allows for easy navigation and quick access to all PTW dosimetry applications. Reports are available for immediate printout or paperless documentation of your measurement results.

Comparison Tools Overview

  • Profile and dose distribution overlays
  • Dose-difference distributions
  • Easy-to-interpret "traffic light" display
  • Results summary
  • Gamma histograms
  • 2D/3D Gamma Index analysis with multiple options
  • Full field coverage with VeriSoft Merge1
  • Measurement and analysis of fields larger than 27 cm x 27 cm with VeriSoft Compose1
  • Composite or control point analysis2
  • Patient CT overlay
  • 3D dose analysis3
1available for all systems except OCTAVIUS 1000 SRS,

2available for OCTAVIUS II, III or 4D only
3available for OCTAVIUS 4D only



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VeriSoft® Patient Plan Verification Software