Nearly as good as water.


Key Features

  • Nearly water equivalent for all beam energies
  • Very small sensitive volume (0.004 mm³) - perfect choice for small field dosimetry
  • Suitable for all field sizes up to 40 cm x 40 cm
  • Precise, accurate measurements in photon, electron and proton fields
  • Excellent radiation hardness, minimal energy, temperature and directional dependence
  • No high voltage required. Suitable for all connecting systems
    (BNT, TNC, M)

microDiamond is the first commercially available single crystal diamond detector (SCDD) worldwide suitable for clinical dosimetry. As a synthetic diamond detector, which is reproducibly manufactured in a new innovative production process, it combines the advantages of natural diamond detectors and silicon diode detectors almost perfectly. Due to its special design and material properties, microDiamond shows almost no deviations in absorbed dose to water even in the smallest field sizes, making it a perfect choice for accurate small field dosimetry.

The microDiamond detector was developed in cooperation with Marco Marinelli, Gianluca Verona-Rinati and their team at the Industrial Engineering Department of Rome Tor Vergata University, Italy.

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