Final Countdown to OCTAVIUS 1500

Be among the first to see it live at AAPM 2014 in Austin!

The countdown is running ... 
Just a few days to go before OCTAVIUS 1500, the new detector for patient and machine QA, will make its first appearance.  

To learn more, join us at our booth at AAPM in Austin!

  • OCTAVIUS 1500  NEW
    Be part of the market introduction of OCTAVIUS 1500 and see it finally unveiled! Take a closer look at this latest addition to the OCTAVIUS detector family and experience its unique features that will help you stay ahead in patient and machine QA. Curious? Then why not drop by our booth for more information?
    Let us show you how you can benefit from using OCTAVIUS 4D for IMRT QA and how the right choice of the detector can make a great difference.   
  • Small Field Dosimetry
    Discover microDiamond, the first commercial synthetic diamond detector for dosimetry worldwide, and how it can be effectively used in small field dosimetry. Interested to meet the faces behind microDiamond? Speak to the inventors of this unique detector.
    Come to our booth on Monday, 21 July, 3:00PM - 3.30 PM, and ask your questions. Visit the Therapy SNAP Oral on Sunday, 20 July, which features the microDiamond, and browse the posters section to hear what your peers have to say.      
  • Imaging QA
    Get informed about PTW products for kV and MV Imaging QA. Explore the new NOMEX system.

Meeting Opportunities:

  • Talk to a PTW application specialist to learn more about a specific application.           
  • Schedule a one-to-one presentation to learn more about a particular PTW dosimetry product.  

Interested? Then e-mail us to make an appointment.  

We look forward to seeing you in Austin soon!

Quick Overview

Where you find us  

PTW Booth #361
Exhibition Hall 5,
Austin Convention Center,
Austin, TX, USA   

Meet the new OCTAVIUS 1500!
Make an appointment for an   individual product presentation.
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"Meet the inventors!"
Meet the developers of the unique microDiamond to learn more about the technology.
Come to our booth on Monday, 21 July, 3:00PM - 3.30PM and talk to them.  

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