True Precision. PTW.

NOMEX® Dosemeter

High-Performance Dosimetry System for Absolute Dosimetry and Quality Control in X-Ray Diagnostic Radiology

Key Features

  • Outstanding accuracy (▒ 2%) and excellent resolution (20 fA)
  • CE marked, class IIb certified diagnostic dosimetry system, fully compliant with IEC 61674
  • Field-class electrometer acc. IEC 60731 for air kerma measurements e.g. in orthovoltage therapy
  • One system for all X-ray modalities: RAD/FLU, DENT, DENT-PAN, 3D, CT, MAM, including tomosynthesis
  • All relevant QC parameters captured in one single shot
  • Connection of semiconductors (R/F/D or MAM), CT ionization chambers (100 mm, 300 mm), shadow-free flat ionization chambers (6 cm│ or 75 cm│) or NOMEX® Multimeter for advanced measurements
  • Intuitive operation via large touch display or via Bluetooth®
  • Automatic or manual air density correction
  • Waveform display and storage of last measurements
  • Data export via USB or Bluetooth® to NOMEX® software
  • Sophisticated warning and error management
  • Operation menu in multiple languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)
  • Convenient firmware updates on-site

NOMEX® Software

  • Quick and easy statistical data evaluation
  • Data and waveform export as XLS, XML or CSV file
  • Software menu available in multiple languages
  • No licensing for maximum flexibility

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Supported QC Parameters

Dose, dose rate, dose/pulse,
pulses, frequency, irradiation time,
tube voltage (kVpmax, kVpmean, PPV),
total filtration, half value layer,
waveforms for both kV and dose rate,
atmospheric pressure, temperature