True Precision. PTW.


Turnkey Solution for Absolute Dosimetry and Quality Control in X-Ray Diagnostic Radiology

Key Features

  • Turnkey solution for stand-alone or combined use, including NOMEX® Dosemeter, NOMEX® Multimeter and NOMEX® Software
  • Suitable for absolute dosimetry, acceptance tests, QA and routine QC measurements in X-ray diagnostic radiology
  • All modalities supported: R/F/3D, DENT/PAN, MAM/TOMO, CT
  • All parameters captured in one single shot
  • Superior accuracy and excellent resolution
  • Intuitive operation via large touch display or convenient remote control via software and Bluetooth®
  • User interface in
  • Automatic air density correction
  • Automatic ranging for dose, kV and total filtration
  • Automatic HVL detection
  • Sophisticated warning and error management

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NOMEX® for Radiation Therapy