PTW at ASTRO 2015

Smarter. Faster. Easier.

How can PTW tools help you do your day-to-day tasks more efficiently?

Let us show you. Visit our booth at upcoming ASTRO and ask for a live demonstration of PTW dosimetry and QA solutions that have recently been released or are soon to hit the market:


  • 4D Patient and Machine QA
    Check out OCTAVIUS 4D with its new modular phantom. Learn how you can benefit from a truly modular, customizable solution in 4D patient and machine QA and what makes it the perfect tool for VMAT, IMRT and SRS QA.
  • QA Data Management
    Let us show you how Track-it, the new QA data management platform by PTW, can boost your efficiency by making trending, tracking and reporting of your TG-142 QA tasks much easier than ever before.
  • Detectors
    Learn more about the exceptional dosimetric characteristics and unique design of the Semiflex 3D, our new reference-class thimble ionization chamber, which meets and exceeds all requirements as defined in AAPM TG-51 and IEC 60731.
  • Independent Patient Plan Verification
    Explore the unique features of the new VMAT & ROI option for DIAMOND®   and see how you can use it to optimize point dose calculations further.
  • MRI-Guided Machine QA
    Interested in implementing MRI-guided radiotherapy? Then take a closer look at the new MR-compatible STARCHECK maxi MR ionizing chamber array developed by PTW for accurate calibration and QA measurements of MRI-guided linacs.

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PTW Booth #1677
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center,
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October 18-21, 2015

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Photo courtesy of B. Hathorn (2013) CC-BY-SA-3.0

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