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PTW Service Contracts

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PTW instruments are a valuable investment.
Why not keep your PTW equipment in top condition to get the best out of it as long as you use it?

PTW service contracts hold the key to it. They come in three attractive contract packages that are built on each other to meet different maintenance and budget needs - from basic coverage to total care.  

Why you should purchase a PTW service contract:            
  • Predictable ownership costs
    Protect yourself against unforeseeable repair costs.
    PTW service contracts offer a fixed annual fee guaranteed for at least three years, so you know where you stand upfront  - no unexpected service bills, no surprises.
  • Protection of your investment
    Reduce the risk of downtimes when you least expect and need them. Extend the life of your PTW equipment through timely and proper maintenance that helps to detect and fix problems before the equipment fails.
  • Fair prices, fair conditions
    Our service contracts are as user-friendly as our equipment - easy to read and understand, quick and uncomplicated to order, with flexible contract times and fair cancellation periods.
Select the service plan that best suits your needs and budget:
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