When small things matter.

PinPoint 3D Ion Chamber

Key Features

  • Small-sized cylindrical ion chamber with vented sensitive volume of only 0.016 cm³
  • Small polarity effect
  • Minimal cable irradiation effect
  • Minimized directional response
  • Short ion collection time, low pre irradiation dose
  • Suitable for field sizes from 2 cm x 2 cm to 40 cm x 40 cm

The PinPoint 3D chamber is ideal for dose measurements in small fields as encountered e.g. in IORT, IMRT and stereotactic beams but can also be used for measurements in large fields. Designed for radial beam orientation, the small-sized chamber shows excellent 3D characteristics. Relative dose distributions can be measured with high spatial resolution in any direction.

The waterproof, fully guarded chamber can be used in air, solid state phantoms and in water.

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