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Efficiently monitor and report your analyzed QA data with Track-it.
As a browser-based versatile QA data management software, Track-it integrates QA data from different sources, devices and sites into a single, intuitive platform.  
Simply click the Track-it export button in your PTW software to transfer your analyzed data, and ready you are.

Key Features
  • Access and browse QA data from multiple sources, devices or sites, using a standard web browser - no installation required.
  • Track the current status of your QA tasks (open, skip, pass or fail) from anywhere in your network.
  • Use custom or predefined protocol templates, e.g. AAPM TG-142 or DIN, to document QA measurement results as legally required - in a fraction of time.
  • Automatically complete your QA reports with Track-it AutoFill.
  • Add attachments to protocol templates to provide guidance on test procedures.
  • Complete reports offline and synchronize when back online.
  • Schedule QA tasks on specific days of the week.
  • View and manage all your QA reports conveniently in the Track-it Dashboard.
  • Show trends of selected data to track performance changes over time.
  • Compare measurements from different devices and treatment machines.
  • Add custom QA data manually or import external QA data via open XML interface when needed.
  • Add comments and attachments to measurements to ask questions and/or provide additional information.
  • Maintain logbooks for treatment machines, e.g., to document exceptions or service and repair interventions.


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