BEAMSCANTM successfully demonstrated with HalcyonTM at Varian headquarters

Palo Alto, CA, USA HalcyonTM, Varian's new treatment system, is based on a human-centric design that simplifies and accelerates the treatment process.
PTW's new water scanning system BEAMSCANTM with its patented TRULEVEL is also easy to use and measurements are done in less time compared to other water tanks.  

This great combination was successfully demonstrated at the Varian headquarters in Palo Alto where Magdalena Constantin, Sr. Research Scientist for Halcyon, was happy to welcome the PTW team for a hands-on session with Varian staff members.  

"The smaller footprint, time-saving design and clever software solutions make BEAMSCANTM a very convenient and user-friendly water scanning system."


PTW would like to thank the Varian team for great conversations and the opportunity to demo the BEAMSCANTM tank to the Varian staff members.

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