BLEEPER Personal Monitor

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Personal pocket-sized radiation monitor

  • Suitable for personal X and gamma radiation protection measurements
  • Provides audible dose rate indication and generates one bleep per 15 minutes in a natural background
  • Two types are available:
    • BLEEPER III, 45 keV ... 1.2 MeV, audible dose rate indication
    • BLEEPER Sv Sw, 45 keV ... 1.2 MeV, audible dose rate indication and display of accumulated dose (1 ... 999999) µSv on an LCD, reset function.

The BLEEPER is a simple robust pocket radiation monitor for safeguarding all personnel against the hazards of X and gamma radiation. The available dose rate indication gives immediate warning when entering a higher radiation level. The BLEEPER slips easily into a pocket and is held firmly by a strong clip. A quiet series of "clicks" from the loudspeaker indicates that the instrument is operating correctly. The BLEEPER is battery operated. Its typical operating lifetime using standard batteries is more than one year. A change in bleep length indicates that the batteries need replacing.