CONNY® II QC Dosemeter

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernCONNY<sup>®</sup> II QC Dosemeter

Dosemeter for constancy tests of X-ray installations for radiography, fluoroscopy and mammography

  • Represents a valuable small size dosemeter for routine QC
  • Measures the entrance dose and dose rate in front of a phantom at 30 kV (Mammo) and 70/100 kV (conventional X-rays)
  • Complies with IEC 61674 within the ranges of use
  • Displays dose and dose rate in Gy and Gy/s (R and R/s optional) and time in s

The dose of X-ray beams is the most important parameter of consistent performance of X-ray equipment. Each constancy check should include a dose measurement. The CONNY II dosemeter is especially designed for this purpose. It is used in combination with the REX phantom for QC of radiography and fluoroscopy devices and with the NORMI and X-Check phantoms for QC. CONNY II is calibrated in air kerma, and the measuring results are represented on a high contrast digital display. The battery operated device features auto start, auto shut-off and timer functions. The measuring probe includes a calibrated semiconductor detector.

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