DIAMENTOR- The Story of the Dose Area Product Meter

1957: The Idea

It all started as an educational measure for young radiologists. Hence the name: The MENTOR, the notorious wise man of the Odyssey for DIAgnostic radiology. Herbert Pychlau had the idea of an instrument visualizing the radiation load to the patient resulting from X-Ray examinations. He defined a novel measuring quantity: The Dose Area Product (DAP) which is indicating independently from patient distance both the dose and the irradiated area.

1959: First DIAMENTOR Release

The first DAP meter worldwide called DIAMENTOR was released by PTW-Freiburg in 1959.
The measuring principle: An ionization chamber mounted on the X-ray collimator determines the patient radiation load while the DIAMENTOR electronics measure and display the DAP value.

Breakthrough for the DIAMENTOR

In the study "Messung der Patientendosis in der Röntgendiagnostik" published in 1964  by E. Bunde and Peter Pychlau the correlation between the DAP and the patient load was shown. As a result a working group was founded to define a national German standard establishing legal rules on how to use DAP meters in X-ray diagnostic departments.
In 1987 the first German "X-Ray Directive" ("Röntgenverordnung") was published. This was the breakthrough for the use of the DIAMENTOR.

In June 1997 the Council of Ministers approved the European Directive 97/43/EURATOM. Germany accommodated this MDD by introducing the second edition of the German "Röntgenverordnung" in 2002. Indication of the patient load became an official legal requirement for special diagnostic X-ray examinations. Reference values for X-ray examinations based on the DAP became a standard in X-ray departments.
The international acceptance  of DAP measurements has reached an important milestone in June 2006 when the FDA 21 CFR Part 1020 Federal Register became effective stating that fluoroscopic equipment manufactured on or after June 10, 2006 has to display the dose values during the examination.  

DIAMENTOR - The Diamond Standard for DAP meters

Today in 2009 DIAMENTOR is going stronger than ever before. It is a must in X-ray diagnostics worldwide, not only helping to reduce patient exposure, but also as an independent quality control tool.
Within the last five decades, the PTW DIAMENTOR product portfolio has been considerably increased: PTW Freiburg provides integrated, built-in, multi channel and combined dose and DAP DIAMENTOR solutions. Over the years PTW as a pioneer of the DAP meter has delivered many thousands of reliable instruments to satisfied customers worldwide.

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