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Flat ionization chambers for DIAMENTOR patient dosemeters

  • Very simple measurement of patient exposures
  • Do not interfere with routine work, as the chambers are transparent and mounted directly to the X-ray collimator
  • The combined KDK chamber measures dose area product and dose simultaneously

The flat, transparent and rectangular DIAMENTOR chambers size B are suitable for firm mounting on the collimator of radiography and fluoroscopy units using appropriate adaptation rails. Moreover many different ionization chambers are available. The chambers are supplied with a firmly attached connecting cable of 1 m length. Using an extension cable of max. 40 m length, the chamber is connected to the DIAMENTOR display unit, which usually is located in the control room of the X-ray installation. The chambers show a very low filter absorption and beam hardening effect. The large chambers are designed for a maximum beam size of
141 mm x 141 mm.