Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernDIAMENTOR CX DAP Meter

Compact dosemeter for DAP and DAP rate measurement in patient dosimetry during diagnostic examinations

  • All-in-one chamber and electronics housing
  • Complies with IEC 60580
  • Mounts directly on the collimator of the X-ray unit
  • RS232 interface, e.g. for connection to printer or PC

By integrating the electronic parts into the flat size B chamber, the whole DIAMENTOR CX is made suitable for firm mounting on the collimator of radiography and fluoroscopy units using appropriate adaptation rails. The transparent chamber neither blocks the light field nor interferes with patient routine work. The DIAMENTOR CX includes a built-in small size
display unit and two buttons to reset the display, to setup the device, and to test proper functioning and send the value to a printer or PC. Either an external power supply or a power limitation is included.

The DIAMENTOR model CX provides digital resolution of 0.01 µGym2 and a minimum dose rate of 0.01 µGym2/s and consequently is suitable for measurements in pediatric radiology.

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