Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernDIAMENTOR M4-KDK DAP/Dose Meter

Device for the simultaneous measurement of DAP, dose and dose rate in radiography and fluoroscopy

Features in addition to the DIAMENTOR M4
  • Displays the dose and the dose rate of the chamber plane besides the dose area product (DAP)
  • Provides calculation of the effective dose and the organ doses by using the DiaSoft software

The dual channel DIAMENTOR M4-KDK features the innovative "Chamber-in-Chamber" transmission ion chamber. Using this unique design technology, the unit can measure dose, dose rate and dose area product easily and simultaneously during radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures. The KDK chamber, firmly fixed to the collimator by adaptation rails, is transparent for light and X-rays. The chamber structures are not shown on the X-ray images.

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