Film Digitizers

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernVIDAR DosimetryPro Advantage

Film Scanners for digitizing radiographic films irradiated for film dosimetry in radiotherapy

  • Computer controlled 48 bit (16 bit) scanners to digitize radiographic films
  • Dynamic measuring ranges of up to 4.0 optical density
  • Support TWAIN Interface
The VIDAR DosimetryPro Advantage (Red)
  • 16 bit HD-CCD scanner, measuring range (0 ... 4.0) OD.
  • For the use of GAFCHROMIC® EBT and X-ray films (20 ... 35.6) cm width,
    and (20 ... 43.2) cm length, resolution max. 89 μm.
  • Universal power supply (85 ... 264) V, (47 ... 63) Hz
The EPSON Expression 10000XL
  • A3 flatbed color scanner (RGB 48 bit) for the use of GAFCHROMIC® EBT films.
  • Resolution 2400 dpi, measuring range max 3.8 OD, USB 2.0 computer interface, includes transmission light unit and universal power supply (110 ... 120) V,
    (220 ... 240) V, (50 ... 60) Hz

All above mentioned types of scanners can be operated by computer control, using USB interface and TWAIN drivers with the FilmSoft or VeriSoft software packages or the FilmAnalysis option in MEPHYSTO mc2 for dosimetry evaluation.

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