Flood Phantoms for QC of Gamma Cameras

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernFlood Phantoms for QC of Gamma Cameras

Rigid flood phantoms with built-in circulation pump for system inhomogeneity tests of gamma cameras

  • Utilize an integrated circulating pump for automatic fluid mixing to guarantee a homogenous activity distribution
  • Reduce contamination risk thanks to a compact, closed system
  • Various sizes for the most types of gamma cameras are available
  • Comply with DIN 6855-2

The purpose of the phantoms is the generation of correction matrices and the performance of regular constancy tests of the system inhomogeneity, the most important parameter for quality control of gamma cameras. The flood phantoms of the FP series are available in various dimensions for different detector sizes. They have some unique features for measuring precisely, saving time and protecting users against radiation exposition: The cuvette wall thickness of 20 mm and a defined extension volume ensure stable geometry and high measuring precision when using the filled phantom. The activity of the test isotope is distributed homogeneously in the filling volume of distilled water by a built-in circulating pump. The special chamber design of the cuvette volume provides for a bubble- free field of view.  

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