ISOCHECK Isocenter Test Device

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernISOCHECK Isocenter Test Device

Film phantom for checks of the LINAC isocenter geometry

  • Checks the size and position of the isocenter sphere
  • Checks the conformity of the mechanical and the radiation isocenter
  • Line marks and crosshairs for LASER adjustment on the table-top

The ISOCHECK test object consists of two cylindrical POM plates, each of 20 cm in diameter and 5 cm in thickness with a segment cut away to form a base. Both plates have circumferential line marks and front side crosshairs to perform easy adjustment by means of the LASER beams. The LASERs should be adjusted to the mechanical rotation axis of the accelerator gantry. An X-ray film, packed in an opaque envelope, is put between the plates and fixed by means of plastic screws. The mechanical isocenter is marked by a needle on the test film through the hole in the center of the test object. Then the test object and the film are irradiated by pencil beams under various angles of incidence. The developed film shows the pencil beams, indicating the location and size of the radiation isocenter, as well as the position of the mechanical isocenter, identified by the needle mark.

IsoCheck Software

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernIsoCheck Software

Software for automatic checks of isocenter geometry and laser alignment

  • Evaluates starshots with film or 2D-ARRAY seven29
  • For use with ISOCHECK Isocenter Test Device
  • Scanning software with TWAIN interface included

IsoCheck is a software package for automatic starshot analysis. It checks size and position of the isocenter sphere and its distance to the laser cross. The result can be exported in an ASCII xml file and printed. IsoCheck software supports direct control of various scanner types as well as scanners with TWAIN interface. For film irradiation the ISOCHECK isocenter test device can be used. All common file formats including DICOM can be read. Also starshots acquired with the 2D-ARRAY seven29 can be easily loaded and evaluated.

IsoCheck is also a part of FilmAnalysis option of MEPHYSTO mc².

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