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MEPHYSTO mc2 3.2 or higher

Beam Analysis Software


MEPHYSTO mc² is the industry's most powerful and advanced software platform for beam data acquisition and analysis with a PTW Water scanning system. Equipped with all essential tools, this feature-packed software allows users to perform any dosimetry task related to accelerator commissioning and beam QA.

Key Features
  • Efficient QA data management and reporting with Track-it
  • Modular, workflow-oriented software platform with intuitive graphical user interface for simple navigation
  • Fast TPS beam data acquisition via predefined task lists
  • Sophisticated beam data analysis based on international dosimetry protocols
  • Simple beam data formatting for all established TPS systems
  • Integrated center check to quickly find and set zero point
  • Versatile add-ons: absolute dosimetry, TPR/TMR measurements, MLC leaf position verification, film dosimetry
  • Favorites folder for quick convenient access to frequent dosimetry tasks
What's new in MEPHYST0 3.2
What's new in MEPHYST0 3.1
  • PlamoCyberknife supports M6 series (with MLC) measurements
What's new in MEPHYSTO 3.0
  • Predefined task lists for all major TPS
  • RTPS Task List tool to quickly and easily add or change measurement tasks
  • Predefined profile depth at dmax and measured dose % level
  • Measurement program "Stationary Scans" for measurements without detector movement, e.g., topographic profiles for TomoTherapy
  • Data conversion from Gold Standard TomoTherapy to MEPHYSTO or from MEPHYSTO to Gold Standard TomoTherapy
  • Deconvolution of profiles to correct the volume effect of ionization chambers
  • MEPHYSTO Navigator user interface

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