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PTW Unveils Breakthrough New Water Phantom at ESTRO 35

BEAMSCANTM is the world's first all-in-one water phantom featuring wireless auto setup and operation


TURIN, ITALY, ESTRO 35 - April 29, 2016 - PTW today announced the market launch of BEAMSCANTM, the first automated, wireless 3D water phantom, designed to save medical physicists hours of setup and scanning time during beam data collection and accelerator QA.
BEAMSCANTM will be shown for the first time at the PTW booth (#6500) during the ESTRO 35 Congress in Turin, Italy, from
April 29 - May 3, 2016.

The automated BEAMSCANTM represents a quantum leap ahead in technology and ease of use.
"Collecting beam data with a water phantom has always been a time-consuming task - even for the experienced medical physicist.
It requires much manual setup work, taking up machine time and manpower that could otherwise be used for patient treatment", said Bernd Allgaier, Head of Marketing and Product Management at PTW. "The market was in for a solution that speeds up the entire process - from setup to scanning - with no compromise on scanning quality or precision. The all-new BEAMSCANTM perfectly responds to these needs."

Its all-in-one, all built-in design makes it ready for use "out of the box" - no tripping over cables in the treatment or control room. Leaving just one power cable to connect, BEAMSCANTM offers by far the easiest and fastest installation in the industry.

Wireless auto setup and operation

As the first 3D water scanning system to automate setup and operation using wireless data transfer, BEAMSCANTM reduces manual interaction to the touch or click of a single button. Its innovative "Wireless Auto Setup", which includes a unique patented three-point auto leveling function, uses advanced mathematical algorithms and computations rather than semi-automatic tools which require no screws, no tank shifts and no manual adjustments. An intuitive "Auto Setup Wizard", which is easily accessed from a smart device or PC guides users step by step through the entire setup process.

Faster scanning

"Every detail that makes operation faster and easier has been taken care of", said Jürgen Kiehne, PTW's Product Manager for BEAMSCANTM. "BEAMSCANTM comes with a new built-in high-precision electrometer that delivers perfect scans much faster than ever before, saving medical physicists hours of scanning time."

"This water phantom is so quick to setup, so easy to use, so fast in scanning, it can even compete with "waterless" alternatives. One thing is sure - BEAMSCANTM will raise the bar to a new level in 3D water scanning."


About PTW

PTW is a pioneer in dosimetry, known for its legendary quality and precision.
Founded in 1922, it ranks today as the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of high-end dosimetry and quality control equipment in clinical radiation medicine.
Committed to help making radiation treatments safer, the private-owned company also operates one of the oldest and most active accredited secondary standard dosimetry calibration laboratories (SSDL) and established the PTW Dosimetry School in 2014 to enhance the understanding and practice of clinical dosimetry.

PTW is headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, and employs
290 people, serving medical radiation experts in more than 160 countries worldwide.


BEAMSCAN is a trademark of PTW.
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