NORMI 13 X-Ray Test Object

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernNORMI 13 X-Ray Test Object

Test object for quality control of digital X-ray installations

  • Checks the relevant parameters of digital X-ray equipment
  • Suitable for acceptance tests and constancy tests
  • Includes a resolution test pattern
  • Requires an attenuation plate for patient simulation and a diagnostic dosemeter for entrance dose measurement

The NORMI 13 test object is designed for acceptance tests and constancy tests of X-ray equipment with a digital image intensifier. It includes a structure plate with radiological visible line marks for the light field adjustment and the test of the light field/radiation field congruency, a gray scale test, a low-contrast test, a line group resolution test pattern, an area for entrance dose measurement and homogeneous areas for homogeneity tests and signal normalization. The structure plate is used in combination with a 30 mm thick acrylic attenuation plate or a 25 mm Al plate to simulate patient absorption. A 1.3 mm thick Cu plate is used in addition for tests at 100 kV. The external dimensions of the plates are 300 mm x 300 mm. The entrance dose is measured by the CONNY II or the DIADOS E dosemeter.

NORMI® Test Phantoms

  • NORMI® 13 for use with DR/CR systems
  • NORMI® RAD/FLU for use with analog/digital fluoroscopic and DR/CR systems
  • NORMI® 3D for use with DVT systems
  • NORMI® PAS for use with digital mammographic systems
  • NORMI® MAM for use with analog mammographic systems
  • NORMI® MAM digital for use with digital mammographic system
  • NORMI® MAM Biopsy for use with biopsy mammographic systems

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