NORMI® MAM digital

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Test object for acceptance and constancy tests of X-ray units for digital mammography

  • Checks all relevant parameters
  • Fully complies with DIN 6868-162 and DIN 6868-14
  • CE marked class I certified
  • Retrofit sets available

NORMI MAM digital is used for acceptance and constancy tests of digital mammographic X-ray units. The modularly composed test object includes a basic phantom, a structure plate, PMMA absorbers and different test elements for insertion into the structure plate. The basic plate has an inclined aluminum step wedge with 14 ranges for testing the dynamic range. Two lines of five steel balls each symmetrically placed in the structure plate and in the basic attenuation phantom show the limitations on the thoracic wall side.

The PMMA absorbers can be used for tests of the automatic exposure control (AEC). Furthermore, different test elements can be placed into the cut-out provided in the structure plate. The test element SDNR is used to determine the average pixel values for the determination of the signal-difference-to-noise ratio. The high contrast can be tested with the test element HK, while the PMMA test element is used for checking the average grey value.

Different sets, as well as retrofit sets for the NORMI PAS are available.

NORMI® Test Phantoms

  • NORMI® 13 for use with DR/CR systems
  • NORMI® RAD/FLU for use with analog/digital fluoroscopic and DR/CR systems
  • NORMI® 3D for use with DVT systems
  • NORMI® PAS for use with digital mammographic systems
  • NORMI® MAM for use with analog mammographic systems
  • NORMI® MAM digital for use with digital mammographic system
  • NORMI® MAM Biopsy for use with biopsy mammographic systems

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