NORMI® RAD/FLU X-Ray Test Objects

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernNORMI 4 FLU X-Ray Test Object

Test object for quality control of analogue and digital radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray installations

  • Checks all relevant parameters of analogue and digital radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray units
  • Suitable for routine quality checks on over couch tubes, under couch tubes and C arms
  • Includes an attenuation plate for patient simulation
  • Complies with DIN 6868-4 and 6868-150

The NORMI RAD/FLU test object is used for acceptance and constancy tests of analogue and digital X-ray installations for fluoroscopy according to DIN 6868-4. The NORMI RAD/FLU packages include a structure plate with a copper step wedge for testing the dynamic range, a resolution test pattern, low contrast and detail test elements as well as a kV test area for the determination of the radiation quality. The NORMI RAD/FLU structure plate allows to check all parameters in one shot.
Four different NORMI RAD/FLU packages are available, either with the outer dimensions 200 x 200 x 18.5 mm or
300 x 300 x 18.5 mm and either with a 30 mm thick PMMA and an additional 1 mm thick copper plate or with a 25 mm thick aluminum absorber for patient simulation. Furthermore, each package includes assembling parts which allow a convenient adjustment on over couch tubes, under couch tubes and C arms. The entrance dose can be measured with a CONNY II or DIADOS E dosemeter.

NORMI® Test Phantoms

  • NORMI® 13 for use with DR/CR systems
  • NORMI® RAD/FLU for use with analog/digital fluoroscopic and DR/CR systems
  • NORMI® 3D for use with DVT systems
  • NORMI® PAS for use with digital mammographic systems
  • NORMI® MAM for use with analog mammographic systems
  • NORMI® MAM digital for use with digital mammographic system
  • NORMI® MAM Biopsy for use with biopsy mammographic systems



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