PET Emission Phantom acc IEC 61675-1

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernPET Emission Phantom acc IEC 61675-1

Body-mimicking emission phantom for realistic quality control of PET scanners acc IEC 61675-1

  • Simulates realistic conditions by utilizing bodyshaped acrylic vessels
  • Includes covers with various inserts
  • Inserts can be filled and emptied from outside
  • Complies with IEC 61675-1

The international standard IEC 61675-1 adopted the proven concept of the PET emission phantom according to the European PET program. The major components are identical with the PET phantom based on the European standard. They realistically simulate a patient during a PET examination in the same manner and fulfill the requirements of the IEC standard.
The package includes:

  • Body phantom B with two arms attached
  • Head phantom H
  • Cover D with three cylinders, each 50 mm in diameter for different absorbing material
  • Cover E with six spheres of 10 mm, 13 mm, 17 mm, 22 mm, 28 mm and 37 mm inner active diameter
  • Blind cover G without inserts
  • Cover M with point, line and scatter sources
  • Carrying and storage case

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