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Diagnostic Radiology

  • Absolute Dosimetry and Quality Control in X-Ray Diagnostic Radiology
    NOMEX® Dosemeter
    High-Performance Dosimetry System for Absolute Dosimetry and Quality Control in X-Ray Diagnostic Radiology

Radiation Therapy

  • Detector for Patient and Machine QA
    OCTAVIUS® 1500 
    Most advanced high-resolution detector with unique checkerboard detector layout for patient and machine QA with OCTAVIUS® 2D/4D systems
  • 4D Patient Plan Verification

    Trendsetting 4D dosimetry system with high-resolution OCTAVIUS Detector 1000 SRS,
    specially designed for small-field IMRT and SRS/SBRT patient plan verification
  • DVH Analysis 

    DVH 4D for VeriSoft
    DVH analysis software tool for OCTAVIUS 4D,
    conveniently integrated with VeriSoft, for a fast, accurate calculation of dose-volume histograms
  • Detector for Radiation Therapy

    Worldwide first commercially available synthetic single crystal diamond detector
    with outstanding dosimetric characteristics, ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Detector for Brachytherapy

    Advanced well-type ionization chamber
    for brachytherapy dosimetry for HDR and LDR

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