CONNY® II QC Dosemeter

Dosemeter for constancy tests of X-ray installations for radiography, fluoroscopy and mammography

NORMI® RAD/FLU X-Ray Test Objects

Test object for quality control of analogue and digital radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray installations

X-Check® DSA Test Object

X-ray test object for quality control of DSA installations

NORMI 13 X-Ray Test Object

Test object for quality control of digital X-ray installations

REX X-Ray Test Phantom

Reference phantom for quality control of X-ray installations for fluoroscopy and radiography

Screen-Film Contact Test Tools

Meshes for checks of the contact  between film and screen of X-ray film cassettes

Luminance and Illuminance Meter Set

Digital luminance and illuminance meter for quality control of viewing boxes and image display devices