R/F/D and MAM Detectors

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Semiconductor detectors for diagnosticX-rays

  • Fully comply with IEC 61674
  • Small size and lightweight precision probes
  • For acceptance testing, service and QC inX-ray diagnostics

The R/F/D and MAM detectors are sturdy semiconductor detectors designed to withstand tough handling. Air density corrections with a radioactive check device o rmeasurement of air pressure and temperature are unnecessary. Both detectors do not need a high voltage supply. Fully compliant to IEC 61674 they are suitable for measurements during acceptance tests, service and quality control procedures.Two detector types are available, covering either the radiography/fluoroscopy and dental range (40...150) kV orthe mammography range (25...45) kV.

The following quantities can be measured in conjunction with e.g. the NOMEX Dosemeter:

  • air kerma and dose (with an additional absorber) in the conventional range
  • air kerma and dose (with an additional absorber) in the dental range
  • air kerma and dose (with additional 2 mm Al) in mammography
  • dose per pulse and number of pulses in fluoroscopy and irradiation time.