Calibration Facilities

Calibration facility for radiological calibration with isotope sources or x-ray tubes

  • Turn-key project possible
  • Newest technology in mechanics, dosimetry and software
  • Calibration knowledge can be shared

The calibration facility is designed for fast and accurate radiological calibration of radiation detection equipment such as chambers, detectors and dosemeters. It can be used with an isotope source or x-ray tube depending on the requested radiation qualities to be calibrated. The wide product range allows an installation of the required equipment of a complete radiological calibration laboratory.A complete turn-key project can be offered with  isotope source or filter wheel with filters, shutter, tube support, calibration software and accessories such as LASER ALIGNMENT System, LABGUARD Surveillance System, Radiation Surveillance System and Camera Monitoring System. Customized project management can include a complete calibration bench project including user training for calibration process according to the requirements of secondary standard dosimetry laboratories (SSDL), where the customer can profit from the experience of the PTW's  SSDL, doing more than 12000 calibrations per year.

Safety technology can be integrated and tested by PTW in the installation phase. Independent of that, responsibility for ensuring compliance with applicable national legal safety regulations is that of the operator of the calibration facility.


Calibration Facilities Gallery

Calibration Bench

Steel bench with carriage for precise calibration of dosemeters used for ionizing radiation measurement

X-Ray Irradiator for Calibration Facilities

System to accommodate an X-raytube, X-RAY SHUTTER, FILTER WHEEL and a monitor chamber

VF OG-8 Universal Gamma Irradiator

Universal gamma isotope irradiator for calibration facilities

VF IG-13 Economic Gamma Irradiator

Economic Gamma irradiator for calibration facilities

VF PGI-01 Panoramic Gamma Irradiator

Panoramic gamma isotope irradiatorfor calibration facilities

VF TERABALT High Level Gamma Irradiator

Radiation therapy level 60Co irradiator for calibration facilities

Beta Irradiators

Beta irradiator for calibration facilities

VF NI-8 Neutron Irradiator

Neutron calibration facilities consisting of the main components

VF RMS Monitoring System

Radiation monitoring system for calibration facilities

Accessories for Calibration Facilities

Cameras, Lasers and LABGUARD system

Monitor Ionization Chambers 34014, 786

Large size plane parallel transmission chambers for use as dose monitors combined with calibration facilities

X-Ray Therapy Monitor Ionization Chamber 7862

Large size plane parallel transmission chamber for use as dose monitor combined with X-ray therapy units

Cylinder Stem Ionization Chamber 23361

Cylindrical PMMA ionization chamber with a long rigid stem for radiation protection measurement

1 Liter Spherical Ionization Chamber 32002

Spherical ionization chamber for radiation protection level and low level measurement

10 Liter Spherical Ionization Chamber 32003

Spherical ionization chamber for radiation protection level and low level measurement

Hp(10) Secondary Standard Chamber

Parallel plate ionization chamber for direct measurement of Hp(10) personal dose equivalent on a slab phantom

Böhm Extrapolation Chamber

Low energy extrapolation chamber with adjustable volume depth for measurement of absorbed dose in soft tissue

ISO Calibration Phantoms

Standard test phantoms representing parts of human bodies with regard to back-scattering of incident radiation