Semiflex Ionization Chambers 31010, 31013

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernSemiflex Ionization Chambers

Waterproof thimble chambers for measuring high-energy photon and electron radiation

  • Vented sensitive volumes of 0.125 cm3 and 0.3 cm3
  • Suitable for use in water phantoms
  • Flat energy response within a wide energy range

The semiflex chambers are designed for therapy dosimetry, mainly for dose distribution measurements in motorized water phantoms. They have a short stem for mounting and a flexible connection cable. The nominal useful energy range is from 140 kV to 50 MV photons and
10 ... 45 MeV electrons. The wall material is graphite with a protective acrylic cover. The guard rings are designed up to the measuring volume. An acrylic build-up cap for inair measurement in 60Co beams is included with each chamber, as well as a calibration certificate for calibration in absorbed dose to water or in air kerma. Air density correction is required for each measurement, and a radioactive check device is available as an option. Both chambers are shaped cylindrically with an inner diameter of 5.5 mm; they differ only in the length of the measuring volume. The 0.125 cm3 chamber is ideal for 3D dosimetry in a water phantom, since the measuring volume is approximately spherical resulting in a flat angular response over an angle of ± 160° and a uniform spatial resolution along all three axes of a water phantom.

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