SFD Chambers

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Shadow free ionization chambers 6 cm3 and 75 cm3 for absolute dosimetry

  • Plane parallel chambers for the measurement and monitoring of radiation output in diagnostic radiology
  • Shadow free design causes hardly no interference with automatic exposure control (AEC)
  • Do not influence the X-ray image
  • For measurements in front of and behind a phantom

The high precision SFD chamber suitable for mammography has a sensitive volume of 6 cm3. The energy response for mammography radiation qualities (25 ... 35) kV is better than = ± 2 %, and better than = ± 3% within the conventional range (50... 150) kV. The high precision SFD chamber for conventional radiology has a sensitive volume of 75 cm3. The energy response within the conventional range is better than = ± 2 % and better than = ± 3%. within the mammography range (25... 35) kV. Both flat SFD chambers are used for dose and dose rate measurements in front and behind of a patient-equivalent phantom. Because of their shadow free construction and low attenuation both chambers give near to no interference with the phototimer, reduce effects with the AEC and cause almost no influence like shadows on the image. Furthermore HVL measurements can be performed conveniently using special chamber holders, which enable to use the SFD chamber easily in combination with the HVL measuring stand. Both chambers comply fully with IEC 61674. The cable length is 2.5 m each.

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