SOURCECHECK Source Strength Test

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Flat ionization chamber for measuring the source strength of radioactive seeds and intravascular brachytherapy sources

  • Measures the source strength with 4π geometry
  • Accommodates the source inside the chamber volume
  • Vented sensitive volume of 55 cm3
  • Connects to a PTW electrometer with 400 V chamber bias voltage supply

The SOURCECHECK ionization chamber is the ideal device for measuring the source strength of radioactive seeds,  which are used in radiation therapy for permanent implantation into cancer tissue and of sources used in intravascular brachytherapy (IVB). It is specially designed to feature a full 4π geometry for high precision source strength measurements. An acrylic guide tube of 3.6 mm inner diameter and 0.2 mm wall thickness is located in the center of the chamber to accommodate the radioactive source to be measured. The SOURCECHECK chamber makes it possible to measure single seeds or seed trains of up to 130 mm length. The outer chamber dimensions are
220 mm x 60 mm x 14 mm. A wide guard ring reduces the influence of scattered radiation from the housing  to improve the measuring accuracy. Since the sensitive volume is vented, air density corrections are required. The chamber is supplied with a connection cable of 1 m length on which a connector type BNT or TNC or PTW-M is mounted. For measurements, the SOURCECHECK chamber is connected to an high sensitive electrometer type UNIDOS, UNIDOSwebline or UNIDOS E.

This chamber was developed including work done by Ram Das and Michael Kenny, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne.