STARCHECK 2D Chamber Array

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernSTARCHECK Ion Chamber Panel

Chamber matrix system to measure high resolution star profiles of high-energy
therapy beams in real-time

  • Measures high resolution profiles along the principal axes and along the diagonals with 3 mm spatial resolution
  • Checks the start-up behaviour
  • Checks positions of MLC leaves
  • Checks congruence between light field and radiation field and beam quality with dedicated phantoms

STARCHECK is a precise and reliable tool for fast measurements in radiation therapy beams. Typical applications are quality control and LINAC beam adjustment measurements with the detector panel embedded in a solid state phantom.
The ionization chambers feature an excellent relative response stability, avoiding the need of frequent recalibration.
A full set of four profiles is measured every 200 ms, making the device useful for real-time measurements. The excellent spatial resolution of only 3 mm ensures precise measurements even in penumbra regions. The scanning lengths covered by the detectors are 25.2 cm along the principal axes and 34.5 cm along the diagonals.
The optional FIELDCHECK phantom allows to measure light field and radiation field.
The optional BQ-CHECK phantom is used for contancy check of the beam quality.
Both phantoms are supported by the MultiCheck software.
The delivery includes the detector panel, an interface box which connects to a PC via RS232 interface, real time analysis software (BeamAdjust), and a quality control software (MultiCheck).

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