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The Dosimetry School, founded in January 2014 by the dosimetry pioneer PTW, is a new global education initiative aiming to enhance the understanding and practice of clinical dosimetry through a series of seminars, workshops and trainings.

Benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the oldest dosimetry company, "The Dosimetry School" is looking forward to offer the medical physics community an up-to-date, well-rounded education program that provides a good mix of scientific theory and practice.

If you would like to suggest speakers or propose ideas for seminars, workshops or trainings that you would like us to host or set up, please feel free to bring them on!
Contact "The Dosimetry School" team at education[at]dosimetryschool.de and share your thoughts with us!

There is more to come - visit us again to stay updated about our education program and activities!

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