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Key Features

  • Export data from PTW QA devices to track and efficiently manage your QA data on one intuitive platform
  • Easily access your QA data from any device on your network,
    e.g., tablets, smartphones or PCs, using built-in web browser
  • Save time and effort to monitor and document QA tasks according to national and international guidelines by using predefined, customizable templates (e.g., for DIN 6847-5/-6, 6875-4, AAPM TG-142), which are filled and updated automatically with relevant QA data from the Track-it database 
  • Select parameters for presentation in graphical or tabular format
  • Comment or add individual measurements conveniently on screen
  • Filter data as needed and save your searches for future use
  • Define action and alarm levels to recognize deviations instantly
  • Simplify reporting with preconfigured reports
  • Securely manage users and their access rights
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Track-it QA Data Management

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